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近期,银河718yhcom留学生Yaw Dwamena Akenteng等,导师杨兴林教授的“Computational fluid dynamics modeling of an inter?parallel flow field

for proton ceramic fuel cell stack”研究成果在《Ionics》上发表。



As a result of its advantages in the mid-temperature range, the proton ceramic fuel cell (PCFC) has gotten much attention compared to other fuel cells. In PCFC, whereby the vapor is generated at the cathode side, a flow field with high efficiency in water removal should be in its repertoire. A new inter-parallel flow field was designed and compared to the traditional flow fields: the serpentine, the parallel, and interdigitated flow fields to check its capacity to be a potential flow field for PCFC. The one-cell stack 3D model with the inter-parallel flow field was simulated to analyze the working details within the stack. The design harnessed the advantages of its three unique flow paths in solving the balance problem of pressure drop and effective oxygen transport and water removal. Results show that the design is a potential flow field for the cathode side of the PCFC.